Welcome from the new Director of CUIC

Welcome to the first newsletter from the Cornell University Insect Collection! I am writing as the new Director and Curator of CUIC. I joined CUIC this year and I am thrilled to be here. As you will see in this first communication, and in future newsletters, there is...

CUIC Student Spotlight – Meet Kyhl Austin

1. What is your name? Answer: Kyhl Austin 2. Where did you grow up? Answer: Chattanooga, TN 3. Previous education/schools/institutions? Answer: Davidson College (Davidson, NC) 4. What got you interested in entomology? Answer: I’d always been interested in natural...

Look what we found in the collection! – Megachile pluto

Meet the largest known bee on earth, Megachile pluto. The common name of this bee is Wallace’s Giant Resin Bee since it was originally collected by Alfred Russel Wallace in the late 19th century and females have elongate massive mandibles for carrying resins back to...
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