Both adult and immature Odonata are extremely well represented in the collection, thanks to the efforts of J. G. Needham and his students. The majority of specimens are stored in glassine envelopes housed Cornell drawers. Thus, many more specimens than usual are represented per drawer for the following groups: Gomphidae (22 drawers), Aeschnidae (25 dr.), Libellulidae (104 dr.), Agrionidae (11 dr.), and Coenagrionidae (27 dr.). There are 6877 vials including both adult and nymphal stages, and 2132 microscope slide mounts (of adult and immature parts). The collection is worldwide and includes 116 primary types. All non-type material stored on slides is available as a downloadable database of the J. G. Needham Odonata Slide Collection.

J.G. Needham Odonata Slide Collection

The Odonata slide-collection at Cornell University represents an important collection of imagines, many larvae, or parts there-of. The collection contains material from the Nearctic, Palearctic, Australasian, Oriental, Ethiopian, and Neotropical Regions. With the help of this database we want to make this important collection of Odonata more easily accessible to the Dragonfly community.

The database contains family, genus, species, author, biogeographic region, number of slides, and remarks. The easiest way to search for specific species is by species-name and author. The genera are listed according to: Bridges, C. A. 1993. Catalogue of the family-group, genus-group and species-group names of the Odonata of the world (Second Edition). C. A. Bridges, Urbana, Illinois.

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