General Biogeographic Patterns

The Cochise Filter Barrier – the interdigitation of the Chihuahuan and Sonoran Desert regions in southeastern Arizona and Chihuahua

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Caribbean Biogeographic Patterns

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Mexican Biogeographic Patterns

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Laurasian Biogeographic Patterns; e.g. ((ENA + EUR) (ASIA + WNA))

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Austral Disjunct Biogeographic Pattern; e.g. NZ (NC (OZ + (SA + CA)))

Liebherr, J.K., J.W.M. Marris, R.M. Emberson, P. Syrett & S. Roig-Junent. 2011. A newly discovered relict from the Buller Terrane, northwestern South Island, New Zealand, corroborates a general pattern of Gondwanan endemism. Systematic Entomology 35(3):395-414 (DOI=10.1111_j.1365-3113.2011.00569; 3 supplementary appendices).

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Australian Plate Biogeography (OZ + NG)

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