Psocodea and Thysanoptera



Psocoptera include about 3 drawers and 1690 vials, almost all determined. These, and several hundred microscope slides, are primarily parts of the Chapman collection, which includes some types.


Phthiraptera (suborders Anoplura, Rhynophthirina, Ischnocera, and Amblycera). Our collection of sucking and chewing lice is relatively extensive. There are 4800 microscope slide mounts of chewing lice, most of which are identified. Major contributions have been made by Bedford, Dalgleish, Kellogg, Matheson, Stafford, and Wilson. There are 77 vials of Ugandan lice collected by Professor J.G. Matthysse from livestock, which have been identified by R. C. Dalgleish. The holdings are geographically diverse, but with strong representation for North America. There are 530 slides of Anoplura. There are several primary types and about 50 secondary types (see Types database). The louse collection has been moved into modern slide boxes, and the holdings can be downloaded as a PDF (to right).


Thysanoptera is represented by about 300 microscope slide mounts, all identified; there are no types.

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