The Cornell University Insect Collection is a world-class research and training collection that includes over 7 million insects specimens representing about 200,000 species, or roughly 20% of the World’s described insect fauna. Our collection is an important resource for Cornell students, staff and faculty, for the College of Agriculture, for residents of New York State, and for the broader systematics community.
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What happened to our lawn? OR Curtains for cicadas

If you aren’t looking at these nesting sites during mid-summer (which happens to be both cicada and cicada killer season), you might not even realize that a population of the next generation of cicada killers is in the soil beneath your feet.

Updated list of CUIC Trichoptera holdings

Recent curation of our pinned Trichoptera by Kyle DeMarr and earlier curation of our alcohol specimens by Kevin Moran have modernized our global caddisfly collection.