Representative specimens of Geometridae.

Nesotocus munroi, a weevil from Hawaii

Planet Ento--the CUIC

Andrena vicina (Andrenidae), an important native pollinator.


The Cornell University Insect Collection is a world-class
research and training collection

that includes over 7 million insects specimens representing about 200,000 species, or roughly 20% of the World's described insect fauna. Our collection is an important resource for Cornell students, staff and faculty, for the College of Agriculture, for residents of New York State, and for the broader systematics community.


Associate Curator Ann Hajek voted 2018 E.S.A. Fellow
On 30 July 20128 Ann Hajek, Associate Curator of Invasive Insects was elected as one of 2018's Entomological Society of America Fellows.More ›
Fruit Flies and the CUIC!
Read the latest about the Drosophila Species Stock Collection, and its director, Associate CUIC Curator Patrick O'Grady.More ›

Never move firewood

The Emerald Ash Borer is now known from several isolated localities in New York State. To minimize  spread of this insect, never move firewood. Please help save our forests.

Question: Do you like the doink of a baseball off of an aluminum bat?

Answer: Well, if you DON'T, you're like us, so keep Ash bats in America's Pastime, and NEVER EVER move firewood.

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