Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students are involved in a number of curatorial and research projects in the CUIC. Students are employed to help with collection maintenance, curation of specific parts of the collection, and databasing.

Undergraduate students interested in systematics and insect biodiversity are encouraged to pursue independent research under the guidance of CUIC faculty.

Our recent success improving the Cornell University Insect Collection has been possible because of the efforts of talented Cornell undergraduate students. These students represent numerous majors and colleges at Cornell. We believe in our approach so much that we call it The Undergrad Solution (presentation given by Dr. Dombroskie at a recent meeting of the Entomological Society of Canada).

A recent group of undergraduate, many of whom have gone on to academic careers in the life or environmental sciences; from left to right: Anca Dogariou, Cameron Jones, Jim Liebherr (curator), Kevin Moran, Laura Hlusko, Kristina Chyn, Ryan St. Laurent, Aubree Keurajian, Jamie Freeman, Tessa Lessord, Brett Morgan, Katherine Nesheim, & Jason Dombroskie (collection manager).