About CUIC

Starting with J.H. Comstock and H.H. Smith in the 1870's, today's CUIC is the result of efforts by a long line of Cornell entomologists. Our taxonomic breadth is based on the sequential additions to our holdings by professors, staff and students who have exhibited dedication to the development of their diverse research interests.


We are housed in a modern climate-controlled facility.

Faculty & Staff

Permanent staff associated with the CUIC include Jim Liebherr (Curator & Professor), Bryan Danforth (Professor & Associate Curator of Hymenoptera), and Jason Dombroskie (Senior Extension Associate & Collection Manager).

Graduate Students

The CUIC supports and facilitates graduate research in insect diversity, phylogeny, morphology, ecology, and evolution.

Undergraduate Students

Cornell undergraduates are actively involved in curation and research in the CUIC.
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We've been at Cornell since the University's founding. See how the early entomologists set us on our path to become the largest insect collection at a land grant university.
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