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Caviar on the 4th of July Thumb

Caviar on the 4th of July

February 7, 2017
Big crane flies succumb to the caviar fungus.
Holy crud-covered carabids Batman Thumb
Jim Liebherr has just revised the Cyphocoleus carabid beetles of New Caledonia. Some of these beetles are covered with an environmental patina over their dorsal surfaces. This varnish can be so goopy plant debris adheres, allowing the tiny predaceous beetles to crawl around in their own Ghillie suit.
Beetles in an Island Paradise Thumb
Curator James Liebherr has a new publication culminating 24 years of research on Hawaiian carabid beetles.
Gullan and Cranston's Fifth Edition of The Insects, An Outline of Entomology Thumb
Professors Penny Gullan and Peter Cranston's new fifth edition of The Insects is now available
New Phylogeny of the Archipini (Tortricidae) Thumb
Phylogeny of the Archipini published.
More and more beetles from Tahiti Thumb
How many beetles can dance on the top of a mountain?
CUIC bee specimens Thumb

CUIC bee specimens

May 28, 2013
CUIC bees provide crucial data for analyzing historical trends in North American pollinators
New Zealand Holey Relict Thumb
Newly discovered New Zealand beetle provides clues about Gondwana
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