Hemiptera: Heteroptera

Our Heteroptera holdings are strong, with particularly good material for eastern North America and the Palearctic and Neotropical regions. There are 275 Cornell drawers of pinned specimens, including about 100 primary types and over 200 secondary types. We have parts of the O. Heidemann and H. H. Knight collection of Miridae, both rich in types. Especially good holdings are found in Miridae (43 drawers), Lygaeidae (23 dr.), Pentatomidae (46 dr.), Coreidae (25 dr.), Reduviidae (21 dr.), Tingidae (9 dr.), and aquatic families (34 dr.).

Hemiptera: Homoptera

We have reasonably strong representation in the Homoptera. There are 150 drawers of pinned material, including 25 primary types and 112 secondary types (Search Types). The Tom Wood collection of Membracidae includes the extensive research material associated with his studies on sympatric speciation. The Leonard/Griswold collection of aphids approaches 25,000 microscope slides (stored in 284 slide boxes), and is one of the best aphid collections in the eastern United States. In addition we have strong representation in worldwide Cicadidae (52 drawers), and Cicadellidae (80 dr.).